Live Oak Lumber, Quarter Sawn - 4/4 - S2S (Per Bd. Ft.)

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  • Type: Live Oak
  • Cut: Quarter Sawn
  • Surface: S2S
  • Thickness: 4/4 (13/16 in.)
  • Random Widths: 4in. - 8 in.
  • Random Lengths: 5 ft. - 7 ft.
  • Live Oak lumber ranges in color from light to a medium brown. This hard-to-find species is extremely hard, heavy and dense, even for a white oak, and exhibits excellent resistance to decay. Live oak is easily glued and works well with most stains and finishes.

    Common Name(s): Live Oak
    Scientific Name: Quercus virginiana
    Distribution: Southeastern United States, coastal areas
    Common Uses: cabinets, flooring, furniture, shipbuilding