Log Milling Service - Jacksonville, FL

We mill your log(s) into lumber or live edge slabs!

If have one or more logs that you would like milled into lumber (boards) or live edge slabs, then you've come to the right place! We are proud to offer custom milling services to customers located within 50 miles of our sawmill in Jacksonville, FL.


$129 + $0.50/Board Foot

  • Log pickup and lumber delivery are included in the $129 base rate.
  • The base rate is charged on a per job basis, unlimited logs per job.
  • Board Feet are calculated on lumber delivered only, waste wood is not counted.

Log Requirements

Min/Max Diameter: 10 in./26 in.
Min/Max Length: 4 ft./14 ft.

Preparing Your Log(s) for Pick Up

All logs must be free of limbs, trimmed to length and stacked where they can be easily accessed by a truck and trailer. If you are unable to prepare your logs for transportation yourself, we are able to provide this service for an additional hourly fee.

Air-Drying Your Lumber

Green lumber must be properly stacked and allowed to dry before use in most woodworking projects. The drying time required varies with wood type, thickness, air flow, relative humidity and temperature. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Stacking stickers, small flat pieces of dry wood, must be used in order to facilitate proper air flow and to help keep boards straight and flat while drying. Stacking stickers should be placed every 12 in. to 18 in. between every row of lumber in your stack.

We sell stacking stickers here as a convenience to our log milling customers, however you can easily make you own from any dry scrap wood.

Calculating Board Feet (Bd. Ft.)

1 Bd. Ft. = 12 in. x 12 in. x 1 in., or the equivalent.